A new use for your iPad: Toilet Training with the iPotty

January 20, 2013

One of the reasons the iPad has sold in such high numbers, and kick-started the tablet revolution to boot, is the sheer variety and number of things you can do with the Apple device. However, I doubt whether anyone had thought of this particular use before… until now. Meet the iPotty, a training toilet designed to house an iPad.

I have neither an iPad or children, but if I did, I’d try and keep the two as far apart from each other as possible. An iPad isn’t exactly cheap, and kids aren’t exactly known for taking care of expensive gadgets. However, for those parents that can afford the risk, the iPad offers a possible learning tool for children that’s simple and intuitive to use.

The iPad is so simple to use that even the youngest children can get to grips with it quickly. To the point that it may even help to entertain them while they’re learning to use the toilet.

That’s the essence of iPotty, a new product from CTA Digital that was on display at the recent CES 2013 in Las Vegas. The iPotty is a normal potty with the addition of a stand designed to accommodate an iPad. The idea is that kids will be much happier to sit on a plastic toilet waiting for nature to take its course if they have a tablet loaded with apps in front of them.

There are no specific apps designed for use with iPotty, but there are existing toilet training apps available. Personally I’d put Angry Birds on there instead, or load the iPad with cartoons and press Play as soon as the child sat down to do their business.

The iPotty also comes with a screen guard and a seat cover so that it can be used on other occasions. According to BBC News the product is set to go on sale in March priced around $40.

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One Response to “A new use for your iPad: Toilet Training with the iPotty”

  1. Leng:

    Same here! Why would you risk a toddler dropping an expensive gadget? Then again, potty training should be a supervised activity. Novel idea. :)

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