HTC planning multiple Windows 8 tablets

December 21, 2012

HTC may have failed to set the world alight with its tablet offerings so far, but perhaps the dual threats of a 7-inch and 12-inch device sporting Windows 8 RT are the answer.

Windows 8 is now out in the wild, and Microsoft needs to get the operating system in front of as many people as possible in order to show them that Windows can survive in a world dominated by mobile devices rather than dedicated computers. To do this it needs to offer multiple tablets powered by Windows 8 to the public, and HTC is the latest company to come on board.

HTC was shut out of partnering with Microsoft on the first run of Windows 8 tablets. Redmond believed that a combination of poor sales of its existing devices and a lack of experience in building tablets meant HTC was simply not up to the task. Something has clearly changed Microsoft’s mind, with Bloomberg reporting that HTC is working on two Windows 8 tablets.

One of the Windows 8 RT tablets would have a 7-inch screen and also be capable of being used as a phone. This would be a giant phablet, in effect, dwarfing the 5-inch Samsung Galaxy Note. The other Windows 8 RT tablet from HTC would sport a huge 12-inch screen, making it larger than the full-sized iPad. At least according to the rumor, with both HTC and Microsoft refusing to officially comment on the speculation.

Microsoft is ultra-keen to get more Windows 8 tablets out to the public, and, while it’s likely planning more of its own branded efforts to augment the existing Surface, it also needs other manufacturers to pitch in. HTC will likely see this as a new opportunity to enter the tablet market, having learned its lessons with the short-lived HTC Flyer.

A release date of Q3, 2013 is being eyed for both of HTC’s Windows 8 RT tablets. The company is thought to have scrapped plans to also build a tablet running the full version of Windows 8, mainly due to price it would have had to charge for the device.

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