Where is that 10-inch Kindle Fire, already?

October 2, 2011

Who wants a 7-inch multimedia tablet when you can have a 10-inch multimedia tablet? Come on, Amazon, put us out of our misery sooner rather than later.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week you’ll be well aware that Amazon has unleashed its first tablet onto the world, well the U.S., at least. Those of us in the rest of the world have an indefinite wait before we can get our hands on one. In the U.S. you can pre-order one now for delivery on Nov. 15.

We’ve already looked at the 7-inch Kindle Fire in detail, noting that it isn’t real competition to the Apple iPad but that it was never intended to be anyway. We’ve also learned that amazon is losing money on each Kindle Fire it sells, but expecting it back from selling content further down the line. And how the $199 price point is already forcing rival manufacturers to lower the price of their Android tablets.

There is one more thing about the Kindle Fire that needs addressing immediately, and that is the rumor (that appears to be more than rumor at this point) of Amazon having another tablet already in the works. These rumors were doing the rounds even before the 7-inch Kindle Fire was unveiled, and have continued to be spouted in the days that have since passed.

The suggestion is that Amazon has a 10.1-inch Kindle Fire in the works, but little more is known beyond that. Apart from screen size how else will it differ from the 7-inch Kindle Fire we have all been blown away by this week? There was talk of a luxury version being on its way, which would imply more powerful hardware, and possibly more features such as cameras added into the mix for good measure. That would push the price up considerably and mean Amazon would be going directly for Apple’s jugular.

What I don’t understand is why Amazon didn’t announce both tablets at the same time. It won’t do the company’s reputation any good to announce either a successor or another model in the line-up just weeks or even months after the original was unveiled. People will feel they have been suckered into buying an inferior product the company knew was merely a stopgap.

Come on, Amazon, put us out of our misery sooner rather than later.

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One Response to “Where is that 10-inch Kindle Fire, already?”

  1. Geek:

    I am a savvy tech buyer who owns a blackberry, MacBook Air, Netbook and several I-Pods including the touch and a Kindle Amazon hit the mark with a 7″ tablet at $200 although I would have paid $250 for the value.

    If I need a 10″ screen or larger then I really need a netbook or laptop for the functionality plus I have the keyboard and ports that come with that.

    There is demand right now for the 7″ Fire and the product was ready for market with the pipe line set up. In addition there will be immediate additional sales of books and movies that Amazon will harvest as soon as the Fire spreads

    Why dilute the now sales by giving someone the excuse to wait and see, Amazon was smart. BTW I have used a 7″ Samsung Tab and was very happy with the size and weight.

    Just because Jobs was introducing a 10″ product and said consumers would not be happy with 7″ does not make it so.

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