Top 40 best free iPad 2 games

June 1, 2011

T-Mobile offering up to $350 in credit for iPhone trade-insAs we all know the iPad 2 must never be used to play games; it’s a tool to be used purely for education and work.  But sometimes it’s handy to have a game or two installed so you can show off the kind of things your iPad 2 can do to friends or colleagues. Or perhaps the neighborhood children. So in this spirit, here is our pick of 40 great games to install on your iPad 2 today. Have fun… but keep learning and working at the same time.

1. Frisbee Forever – This game is fairly new and yet is already getting a significant number of downloads. You’ll love how smoothly the game mimics how a Frisbee disc flies into the air. Looks great on the iPad display, solid game play and enough challenging levels make this game a must-play on your iPad.

2. Fishing Joy HD – With the game’s attention to detail, length of play and visual display, it’s no wonder that this game has been one of the most popular iPad games for quite some time. The game’s graphics are so colorful and give you the feeling of being under the ocean’s floor. It’s a fishing game by the way, with tons of special features, an ample number of game levels and other nice features.

3. Scene It – Here’s a cool game to play on your iPad. This casual game features the classic Scene It Trivia and Puzzle game with more than 100 full-screen videos in their HD goodness. The game gives you 16 different puzzle types with licensed audio, video and images from Hollywood hits. 

4. Words with Friends  – Challenge your friends to an online word game via 3G or Wi-Fi. The game displays nicely on your iPad so much so that it will entice you to play the game more often. 

5. Operation Wow HD – You know what makes this free iPad game great? – It allows you to fire at enemies using multi-touch gestures. That’s right, fire at will using several of your fingers as you complete six exciting mission levels. The game was also enhanced to display HD graphics on the iPad.

6. Secret Mission: The Forgotten Island HD – Here’s an exciting hidden object game which will please fans of this game genre. With great graphics and challenging levels, this game has a compelling story, head-to-head multiplayer mode, Game Center Leaderboard and Achievements, and Facebook integration.

7. Fruit Ninja HD Lite – Don’t blame us if you end up buying the paid version of this game after playing this lite version with the sample Classic Mode. You’ll definitely find the game play pretty addictive enough to make you want to play the full game. The game is simply a hack-and-slash type of game but this time around you are tasked to slice off fruits hauled into the air. Sounds fun, right?

8. Pluto Plays Music HD – Here’s a simple and soothing game which requires you to guide the character named Pluto as it swims through the ocean. You do this by playing the correct notes and avoiding the incorrect ones accurately.

9. Tiny Zoo – Do you have what it takes to build the best zoo in town? This game is certainly for you. Starting from scratch, you’ll be tasked to build your zoo with different animals, decorations, plants and other zoo thingamajigs. Think of this game as FarmVille with a zoo.

10. Smurf’s Village – Yes, it’s the popular 80’s cartoon comics making their way into the iPad with gameplay similar to FarmVille as well. But this time, there’s a new storyline that is tied up with the tasks in the game. Help the Smurfs build their temporary shelter by doing various tasks and side quests. The game features some of the more well-loved Smurfs.

11. Super Ball Escape HD – This is a simple yet addictive game which looks great on the iPad display despite its simple graphics. The objective of the game is for you to help the robot ball escape from the evil corporation. Master your balance and agility skills and you’ll defeat this game right to the end.

12. Simply Find It – A fun and simple game to play on your iPad. It’s the usual spot the difference between two similar photos but with additional soothing music to keep you playing the game and great high-quality graphics.

13. Haunted Manor: Lord of Mirrors HD – Another hidden object game with excellent graphics, challenging levels, nice storyline and several scary moments. Help the game’s main character escape the haunted manor by playing through 16 rooms and fulfilling 90 tasks.

14. Pocket Frogs – Love those cutesy, little frogs? Well then, this game is for you. The game play involves discovering, collecting, trading and breeding more than 15,000 unique frogs on your iPad. The game features beautiful high-resolution and high-definition graphics that will get you hook into playing the game over and over again.

15. Zombie Cafe   – A funny game that you will enjoy if you’ve played Plants vs. Zombies. This time around you’re not trying to stop the zombies from attacking your house but employing them as workers in your Zombie Cafe. Lead the zombies in preparing food and managing your cafe’s supplies. You can also direct them to your rival cafe.

16. Pretty Salon HD – Here’s a pretty good time management/sim game with a pet salon for your business. Grow your pet salon by hiring and employing new workers and pleasing your customers to earn bigger bucks.

17. FarmVille by Zynga – What more can I say about this app. The same Facebook game that many have loved now playable on the iPad. This game was beautifully ported by Zynga to the iPad with the end result being the same addictive game on a beautiful iPad display.

18. Paper Toss HD Free – I have to admit that I got hooked into this simple game. I simply couldn’t stop playing it. Despite the simple graphic requirements, the game looks really neat on the iPad display. And yes of course, the gameplay is still addictive.

19. Panda Revenge HD – This dead-on copy of the famous Angry Birds is a bit difficult, which might frustrate some of you. But in time, you’ll appreciate the Panda as he takes his revenge against those other animals. Not good for animal lovers though.

20. Pocket Legends – A 3D Massively-Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) where you have the chance to join millions of players from around the world on wild adventures in creepy dungeons, frigid mountain peaks and swamps.

21. iStunt 2 HD – This snowboarding game will task you to perform impossible stunts, dodge deadly saws and do incredible jumps that you can’t possibly perform in real life. If you’re a snowboarding fan, this game is definitely for you. Free your mind in this mind-blowing action-packed adventure pushing the adrenaline to the limit! 

22. Harbor Master HD – This popular iPhone game makes use of the iPad’s excellent display capability to give you a simple and yet beautiful game environment and engaging game play. Play as the harbor master directing boats to the dock to unload their cargo. Of course your main task is to prevent the boats from crashing into each other.

23. Bug Village – Are you up for a game that task you to build and nurture a colony of active ants and busy bees?  Do you have the patience to construct homes to attract playful bugs and direct them to the garden where they can gather resources to expand their villages? If yes, then don’t waste time; get this game now.

24. Tiny Chef – I’ll be honest, the only reason why I included this game on the list is because my wife and my six year old daughter love it. I’ve tried playing the game for a couple of hours but I’m too busy to grow a virtual restaurant business. But my wife managed it. And she rarely plays a game on her iPad so this game must be good.

25. Monster City – Best thing about this free iPad game? – the graphics. The game is unique, funny and the monsters are simply adorable. The game supports the iPhone’s retina display and so it looks great on the iPad as well. Unlock monsters, breed them, add multiple islands, and more – these are what you’ll be busy with as you play this game.

26. TinkerBox HD – In the mood for a fun free-to-play physics puzzle game? Check out this game with tons of interesting science facts and teaches basic engineering concepts. Your creativity and imagination will surely be challenged by this game’s invent mode, build outrageous machines and then share them with your friends.

27. My Clinic – This game is simply Sally’s Spa, Tiny Chef and all the other games in this genre but this time in a medical setting. Build the best medical center by curing illnesses and taking care of patients until such time that patients trust your medical center enough. Get the drift? This is your game if you’re a medical practitioner or simply want a new time management game.

28. Metal Storm Online – This game is fairly new and yet it is already catching some storm, especially from online game fans. It looks great on the iPad display, lets you play against your friends via a nice dog fight, and play on your own. This game is on the brink of huge success so get it now while it’s hot. You’re guaranteed to enjoy it. 

29. Star Blitz – This game is a great space shooter if only the developer would fix some bugs to minimize, if not totally eliminate, software crashes. Aside from taking on the game’s antagonist on your own as you command a spacecraft, you can employ your friend as a wingman as well. 

30. Contract Killer – There’s only one word to describe this game – FUN! Well if you consider shooting people stealthily using sniper rifles, assault rifles, and machine guns fun this game is certainly for you. Just a word of warning: this game can get pretty addictive enough to compel you into purchasing some cool stuff via the in-app purchase system, so be cautious.

31. Candy Train – Here’s a kids’ game that even a 40-year old iPhone gamer will surely love. The game’s graphics looks awesome on the iPad with all the colors you need to keep on playing the game continuously. The objective of the game is simple – collect candies along the way as you fix the railroads and maneuver your train successfully.

32. Tap Tap Radiation – The latest in the highly successful music game for both iPhone and iPad, Tap Tap Radiation gives you a stunning music game featuring today’s popular pop hits including Lady Gaga, Pink and more. Prepare your thumbs as you tap your way into another beautiful game from Tapolous.

33. Victory March – Another interesting game which can best be described as simply and yet fun. This game features awesome 3D graphics as you jump from one platform to another to fight hordes of Nazis. Features six game levels, two game modes and more.

34. Space Invaders – A classic shoot ‘em up re-engineered to look awesome on the iPad’s display, this game now features 3D graphics, improved gameplay, online scores and more. 

35.Checkers – Here’s another classic game made to look great on the iPad. It works great when you’re playing against your friends but could be frustrating if you’re playing alone as the AI is impossible to beat. But, who knows you might be one of those who beat the game.

36. @Sudoku – What can we possibly say more? Play the addictive Sudoku game on your iPad via this fast-loading game. If you want more difficult Sudoku puzzles to solve, you can always upgrade to the premium version. But I’m pretty sure you’ll have your hands full with great puzzles even if you just get the free version first.

37. Trade Nations – Another great social games in the likes of FarmVille, Tiny Zoo and others. This time around you’ll need to build a sprawling city starting from scratch or a small city. With various tasks to complete and items to purchase, you’ll soon find out that you’re already building a powerful empire. Another warning – this game is pretty addictive. 

38. Crazy Basketball HD – True enough this game is crazy. Featuring weird basketball players, it’s definitely fun to play. Not only will you get a nice game with fantastic gameplay but one with great graphics as well. The game even lets you shoot hoops using other types of balls – tennis, golf and more. 

39. Red Devil HD –  The overall look and feel of this game is simply fantastic. This game features a physics-based platform, 21 levels, amazing gameplay and more. 

40. Doodle Army 2 – This game supports online gaming via the Game Center or local multiplayer via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. There are many aspects of this iPad game which could be improved upon, but in time I’m pretty sure this game will be flawless and smooth.

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