Toshiba launching three tablets in 2011

December 8, 2010

Toshiba is gearing up to launch three new tablets in 2011, all sporting different operating systems. Let’s hope these succeed where the last ones didn’t.

Toshiba released two tablets in 2010, both of which failed to really grab anyone’s attention. The Libretto was only released in limited numbers, was too expensive, and a bit of a novelty, really. And the Folio 100 was, well, just a bad product, with so many people returning theirs that a big chain of stores pulled it from their shelves altogether.

Realizing that the tablet sector is growing in stature and importance, Toshiba isn’t giving up after this initial failure. Instead, according to Digitimes, the Japanese company is planning on unveiling three new tablets for release next year. They are highly likely to make their first appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January.

Like the rest of the industry, Toshiba doesn’t seem able to make its mind up as to which OS is the best for tablets, and so each of the three will feature a different one of Windows 7, Google Android, and the Google Chrome OS. Two will have 10.1-inch screens, the other an 11.6-inch screen. All of these tablets are being positioned as extensions to the PC market.

However, a further rumor suggests Toshiba is working on a range of 7-inch tablets, these being handled by the company’s handset department. Which would obviously suggest these will be nearer to smartphones than notebooks.

I suspect these tablets will be a lot better than the two previous tablets from Toshiba. The company will have likely learned from its mistakes and will try to put out a product much closer to the Apple iPad this time around, because, like it or not, that tablet has set the bar for all the others to try and emulate.

I like Toshiba as a company, so let’s just hope its tablets live up to the brand name.

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